Welcome to the Emotional Scientist, started as a blog to document the emotional experiences of a PhD science student’s life.

The Emotional Scientist is growing to highlight the human side of science, with contributions from PhD science students and soon, interviews with senior scientists.

The goal is to bring to light  the life behind the discoveries & the people behind the publications and to feature issues faced in the academic science research community. This is a space to acknowledge and share the ups and downs of the practice of science- a space that is needed more in the community, both for inter-community relatable support and outer-community exposure to the behind the scenes.

Check out the Editor’s Main Blog and the PhD Diaries, which features submissions from PhD students about their science research and related subjective experiences. We’re always looking for submissions to the PhD Diaries so please let us know about your research and your emotions via the submissions page.  Or for other recommendations, please feel free to contact us. 



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