Welcome to the Emotional Scientist.

As a PhD science student, this project started out of a need to share my experiences in the academic environment.

I realised that I wanted to create a space to acknowledge and share the ups and downs of the practice of science- a space that is needed more in the community, both for inter-community relatable support and outer-community exposure to the ‘behind the scenes’.

Science focuses on the objective but this project aims to bring out the subjective experience of doing science. Who is the human scientist? What are the day-to-day difficulties researchers face? How can we overcome these challenges?

So the blog has started with my personal insights and I hope to involve scientists at all stages of their career.

Check out the Main Blog for articles written by me and guest Emotional Scientist contributors.

Please contact  for enquiries on how you can become involved in the the project.

-Ruth S J

DPhil Student at University of Oxford