Gradualism or no Gradualism?

I have been thinking a lot lately about the PhD process and the timeline from the embryonic stage of a project to completion- the thesis. And at the same time the concepts of gradualism versus punctuated evolution keep popping into my head. So I thought there must be some juice to squeeze out of this analogy that presented itself to me.

Keeping the Awe!

Hi readers! I am back from blogging dormancy... Your girl was busy 'Phd-ing' et cetera, et cetera... 😀 I was recently introspecting about ways in which I can boost my motivation to do my PhD, especially at the times when I feel down and uninspired. Of course setting research goals such as publishing can definitely … Continue reading Keeping the Awe!

Pre-Presentation pep talk

Hi readers! Since the last post a lot has happened! I went on holiday to Greece and moved into a new house when I got back.  Also, some good news- I'm now part of the Science Innovation Union as their Editor in Chief. The SIU was founded in Oxford and has already expanded to London, … Continue reading Pre-Presentation pep talk

Demanding Attention : Tiny Scientist with Voice.

Hello Readers! I've had a few busy weeks recently and fell behind on my blog posts. I'm in the process of packing my things to move to self storage as the tenancy at my current flat is approaching the end. There are a few days in between moving out and moving into the new place, … Continue reading Demanding Attention : Tiny Scientist with Voice.

Digging for information- PhD reading

First things first, you are probably wondering why there's a pug digging into the sand at the beach in this article's feature image. The dog's actions are a metaphor for my PhD reading and the background beach is... just a calm setting that invokes peaceful emotions that counter the other PhD induced existential crisis feelings … Continue reading Digging for information- PhD reading

the PhD Cook

I want to cover something more lighthearted this week so the  topic is..... food! Glorious food. More specifically,  I want to share how the longer hours and stresses of the postgraduate academic life have changed my cooking habits and meals. Not to spoil anything, but I'd say it's not a bad direction. There are two … Continue reading the PhD Cook

Science through the years: High-School to DPhil

Back in secondary school and during my undergraduate, there was no hiding that I was a competitive student. I definitely had a passion for learning and was very focused to understand what I was being taught, so I think achieving good grades was a manifestation of those traits. Of course I also wanted to be … Continue reading Science through the years: High-School to DPhil

The Inner Work Efficiency Voice

It's been a while since I last wrote but that's not to say that I'm falling short of experiences to share. Rather, I've either had relaxing weekends void of any thoughtful process or just always procrastinated from writing here. Or at least that's what I tell myself. This week, I'd like to talk about listening … Continue reading The Inner Work Efficiency Voice