Gradualism or no Gradualism?

I have been thinking a lot lately about the PhD process and the timeline from the embryonic stage of a project to completion- the thesis. And at the same time the concepts of gradualism versus punctuated evolution keep popping into my head. So I thought there must be some juice to squeeze out of this analogy that presented itself to me.

Keeping the Awe!

Hi readers! I am back from blogging dormancy... Your girl was busy 'Phd-ing' et cetera, et cetera... 😀 I was recently introspecting about ways in which I can boost my motivation to do my PhD, especially at the times when I feel down and uninspired. Of course setting research goals such as publishing can definitely … Continue reading Keeping the Awe!

The Inner Work Efficiency Voice

It's been a while since I last wrote but that's not to say that I'm falling short of experiences to share. Rather, I've either had relaxing weekends void of any thoughtful process or just always procrastinated from writing here. Or at least that's what I tell myself. This week, I'd like to talk about listening … Continue reading The Inner Work Efficiency Voice

Appreciation of Failure

After being numbed by the happiness of finally getting positive results in my nanotube synthesis experiments, I was dealt a blow when I repeated the experiment and my tubes refused to exist. Strangely, I felt a similar numbing feeling. Instead of being tinged with the disbelief of success, this numbing feeling was one that threatened … Continue reading Appreciation of Failure

Importance of inter-personal relations amongst members of the research group

This Sunday I had the chance to go karting with several of my research group members. Despite averaging second to last place for the races, I had a blast! Besides realizing that I quite like attempting to drift around corners at high speed, I found inspiration for this week's blog- the importance of inter-personal relations … Continue reading Importance of inter-personal relations amongst members of the research group

Hello. The emotional scientist here.

Hello and welcome! Recently, my PhD supervisor commented that my writing style for a review article was rather romantic. I appreciated her description and took it as a compliment that my style stood out amongst the others. Even so, I understood that my deemed romanticism, although allowing for an easy read, was to be toned down because scientific writing is expected to be fact-based and objective. This critique of my article set my thoughts in a rather confused direction....